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Electric Panel Replacement by V&G Electric

Electric Panel Replacement

Three phase electrical panel replacement by V&G Electric.

We provide top quality panels and breakers, along with expert installations, whether it is commercial or residential give V&G Electric a call.


 V&G Electric is experienced and qualified electric panel installer.  A site survey and load calculation is also done as a free service. All panels, wiring, and breakers are warranted by V&G Electric.  Please call 401 447-6322 for more information and an appointment. All installations are permitted by local building and zoning boards.  Usually these items will be completed within one week.

Fuse and other outdated panels are replaced by V&G Electric.  Total quality and on-time service is guaranteed

Electric Panel Replacement with generator interlock
200 Amp SqD Electrical panel replacement.  V&G Installs most major brands of panels.  Wiring from Electric Utility to your panel complete.  Inspected and permitted by local municipal inspector.